Youth Events

We have a number of Youth Events organised here at St Josephs.

  • Team Joseph
  • Youth Alpha
  • Quo Vadis
  • Youth Mass


Team Joseph

From school year 6 upwards we normally meet face to face once a month, on a Sunday at 6pm, for social events with Team Joseph, just at present these have been severly curtailed due to Covid-19, but the planning has started for our next meetings leading up to the summer holidays

Sunday 25th April for a Movie night in the church Hall
Sunday 23rd May we will be organising a treasue hunt on the church grounds
Sunday 27th June we will be having ourt annual water pistol and cakes on the field,

We have also started working on other new and exciting ideas for the autumn, such as Virtual Escape Rooms, talks exploring topics from the Social Justice groups, Games such as Bingo/Cluedo etc.

Please give Richard and Cindy a call if you would like to find out about Team Joseph.

Youth Alpha

The parish has just successfully completed a 9 week Youth Alpha course for the youth members who are aspiring to go on to their confirmation preparation.

Youth Alpha provides a basic overview of what we believe as Christians. It consists of three main components - a meal, having fun and brief videos with discussion that allow us to look more closely at our Christian faith in general and our Catholic beliefs in particular. 

During Covid, we have had to carry out a more restricted form of Youth Alpha on line using Microsoft Teams, which has meant the meal part was not possible. However, we still managed to have a lot of fun and the interaction and responses by our youth were really so inspiring. 

For a brief overview and a taste of what the sessions might look like, please follow the link below.

The dates for our next Youth Alpha are yet to be decided but if you want more information, please contact Fr David, Andrew Collins or Debbie Horner.

Click here for further information: Alpha Youth Series | A way to inspire and equip youth to share their faith  - just click on 'watch teaser' button

Quo Vadis

We are inviting Year 8 and 9 children to Quo Vadis on Thursday evenings 6-7pm. Each session will involve discussing a question, completing a task in personal journals, listening to key note speakers and sharing personal experiences.

The aim of Quo Vadis is to engage young people with the question of where they are going and accompany them on the journey. On the road to Emmaus Jesus walked alongside the disciples who were anxious and directionless after life had taken an unexpected tum. In a similar way, lockdown has left many young people on the road away from their faith and on a road of anxiety and worry about the future. Quo Vadis will support young people in asking, and answering the big questions they have, enabling them to see the real treasures that our Catholic faith offers for the whole person. Across 12 sessions and through an accompanying journal this new programme will support mental health and well-being, encouraging everyone to see the goodness in their daily lives and the hope that trust in God will bring for their futures.

In this current climate and time of crisis, there is an urgent need to empower young people with confidence and hope for their futures. Lockdown has left them with questions about their faith and anxiety about the future. As a consequence, the 'Quo Vadis' programme has been formed. This programme will ask them the question: 'Where are you going?' with the aim of supporting them with the tough questions surrounding their faith, supporting them with mental health and well-being, to empower them to make choices and enable them to reflect and 'gather' as a Catholic community through shared experience, even during a time of social distancing.

Youth Mass

We have started planning the next of our popular youth masses for Sat 15th May at 4pm.


All enquiries about youthwork to Richard and Cindy Hawkins please, on 01844 214625.