Week of 18th April 2021




Saturday 17th


for Helena & Alex Bergman RIP 



9.00am MASS

for Mark Patterson & Fr Cormac Rigby RIP

11.00am MASS 

for the people of the parish


                Monday 19th                

9.15am MASS

for Alfredo Pinzon RIP  anniv


Church open for prayer


Tuesday 20th

9.15am   MASS

for the intns of the Ansell family


Church open for prayer


         Wednesday 21st          

8.00am  MASS

for Adam Sawyer, unwell

St Anselm


Thursday 22nd

sorry, no mass or open church today. See below for Thame in Prayer


                   Friday 23rd                   

12.00- 4.00pm

Church open for prayer

St George


Saturday 24th 

6.00pm   VIGIL MASS

for Betty O’Shea  RIP


Sunday April 25th

9.00am    MASS 

                                                            for the people of the parish                                                             

11.00am    MASS

for Tom Harran  RIP



It is vitally important that we continue to care for each other by observing all measures to reduce virus spread.  Don’t let up!  We do not know how long the distancing and other measures will be necessary.


To keep giving regularly to support the parish please give by standing orders,  or by cheque,  and with Gift Aid where possible. Thank you to all who do so already. You can make Direct payments (one off donation, or regular standing orders) to our account, RCA Birmingham St Josephs, sort code 60-21-21  acc 69377065 Thank you 


Next Thame in Prayer, Thursday 22nd 7.30pm ask Catherine Enticknap for code